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Michelada Mix

Tecate beer is pretty good but Tecate beer poured into a Antídoto Michelada Mix is delicious. These prepared styrofoam cups are available at most OXXO convenient stores across northern Mexico and contain a colorful mix of tangy, spicy chile powder, lime, and a plump saladito at the bottom. Micheladas are a popular beer drink across Mexico […] Read More

Mexicali Tacos de Guisado

When in Mexicali, or anywhere in Northern Mexico, I usually confine my taco consumption to the absolutely delicious, you can't go wrong, abundant street-side carne asada tacos. However, just the other morning I stepped outside my taco comfort zone and had the pleasure of breakfasting on some authentic "tacos de guisado" from Burritos Tony. Tacos de […] Read More