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Mexicali Tacos de Guisado

When in Mexicali, or anywhere in Northern Mexico, I usually confine my taco consumption to the absolutely delicious, you can’t go wrong, abundant street-side carne asada tacos. However, just the other morning I stepped outside my taco comfort zone and had the pleasure of breakfasting on some authentic “tacos de guisado” from Burritos Tony.

Tacos de guisado are tacos, or burritos, filled with a prepared mexican stew cooked on the stove. Common stews mixtures, or guisos, you’ll encounter are: machaca (spiced dry meat), beef and potatoes, chorizo and eggs, and chicharrón. Burritos Tony can serve you up these fine taco fillings along with others like, pierna de puerco and chicharrón prensado. You have your choice of corn or flour tortillas coated with a layer of refried beans and I suppose the layer of beans isn’t necessary but highly recommended.

Different guisos, or stews, to choose from.

As I approached the counter to order, the pierna de puerco pot immediately caught my eye and that’s what I decided to have kick-off my taco breakfast. My intention was to try a variety of different tacos that morning and my wife Esthela urged me to try the chicharrón prensado, but the pierna de puerco taco wrapped in a refried bean coated flour tortilla was so damn good that I just had to order another. I left Burritos Tony that morning full and completely content but I plan to return soon to try some of the other guisos.

Burritos Tony at your service.

Just take a look at that selection. Mmmmm…. I can smell them from here.

Pierna de Puerco taco accompanied by roasted chiles de árbol and jalapeños.

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