Michelada Mix

Tecate beer is pretty good but Tecate beer poured into a Antídoto Michelada Mix is delicious. These prepared styrofoam cups are available at most OXXO convenient stores across northern Mexico and contain a colorful mix of tangy, spicy chile powder, lime, and a plump saladito at the bottom.

Micheladas are a popular beer drink across Mexico and there are many variations of the drink but if you’re looking for an instant Michelada, these Antídoto Mix drinks are pretty tasty.

The world of prepared beers in Mexico can be a splendid journey and if you’ve never drunk a beer with chiles, lime and spices, I urge you to do so immediately.

There are many occasions when a michelada beer is appropriate and I personally prepare myself one of these zesty beverages once or twice a week. Drinking micheladas leisurely can be fun but a highly appropriate time to knock back this fusion of beer and spice is the next day after a hard night of boozing. This spicy concoction can make one hell of a hangover killer and get you back on track in no time.

WARNING: Drinking Tecate with Antídoto Mix is delicious and a pleasurable experience. Michelada beers are consumed at a much faster rate than a beer by itself and you may not want to stop!


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