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It’s been ten months since I started Mantis Plant Protection LLC and I’m proud to say that business is going pretty good!  It’s not generating the kind of money where I can quit my day job as a pest control adviser and start house hunting for a beach property in San Diego, but it has earned back all up-front investment costs and currently sitting on a descent sized bank account balance.

The two products, Mantis RTU and Mantis Concentrate, are selling steady on Amazon and I’m in the process of developing a third product that should launch in about 2 months.  This year will be the first Spring and full growing season Mantis will take on since its been in business so I expect sales to dramatically increase soon and this year will be a good indicator as to the volumes I can expect to sale on just the Amazon channel.  But good reviews continue to trickle in and the Mantis brand is starting to establish itself within the pest control niche.

Below are a few photos capturing Mantis’s early days which should be fun to look back-on some day.  Early on I spent most of my time working and educating myself in the skill of formulation chemistry trying to develop products that provided good efficacy, mixing capabilities, long shelf life/stability, and cheap enough to be able to turn around a suitable profit at a competitive price.  This product development process took much longer than I expected delaying sales projections and ripping my original business plan to shreds.  Time line projections is an important skill to learn in business…it seems like projects ALWAYS end up taking almost twice as long to complete and it is important to plan around this unfortunate phenomenon.

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Dallas Piscopo

Founder – Mantis Plant Protection

Email: dp@mantisplantprotection.com

PS:  If you’re interested in growing plants using hydroponics but not sure where to start, check out my FREE ebook “Hydroponics Made Easy” which you can DOWNLOAD HERE!


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