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Eating, Drinking, and Mexicali Mariachi

Mexico and Mariachi music are connected at the hip and just about anywhere you travel in Mexico, you can be sure to hear the unmistakable sound of Mariachi trumpets somewhere in the background. The border town of Mexicali is no exception and Mariachi always sounds better accompanied with good food and cold beer.

Prepared beer

If you find yourself in Mexicali someday and the mood strikes you for food, drinks, and Mariachi music, Los Remedios Restaurante Bar & Cantina is just the place and it provided an enjoyable setting for my wife and I last night. We happened to go on a night where the drinks and beer where two for one which helped wash down our tasty appetizer plate of special quesadillas, mini vampiros, and gorditas. After a few beers I was already requesting Joan Sebastian songs for the Mariachi band to sing and although his music is not Mariachi, some of the songs sound great with the Mariachi style.

Esthela being serenaded by Mariachi music

My wife Esthela

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