Chilean Table Grapes


ou ever wonder where table grapes come from?  Well that all depends on the time of the year.  Between June and September most table grapes you can pick up in the grocery store will most likely come from California.  When in season, California produces 99% of commercially grown table grapes for the United States.

When winter settles in and Californian vineyards have been harvested to their limits, Chilean table grapes are well positioned to continue the flow of supply.  As Chile is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are reversed.  When we here in the U.S are keeping close to the fireplace to stay warm during the winter, Chile is in the middle of their summer exporting tables grapes all over the world.

Top 3 Countries Importing Table Grapes to the U.S.

  1. Chile: accounts for 68% of imports
  2. Mexico: 29% of imports
  3. Peru: 3% of imports

Below are some photos of my recent trip to the grape vineyards of Chile…

table grapes chile II

table grapes chile III

Chilean Wine Grape Vineyard

Chilean Wine Grape Vineyard
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