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Backyard Aquaponics

I’ve recently been fascinated by aquaponics systems and how they can be utilized for home gardening or large scale commercial applications.  Aquaponics is a beautiful example of how two different ecological systems (aquaculture and hydroponics), can combine forces and create an elegant arrangement that is pretty much self-sufficient.

This is my first rodeo with aquaponics so I decided not to include fish in my elementary design and see how things go for a while.  Basically I have an ebb and flow hydroponics system that continuously cycles water filled with plant nutrients.

If this little science experiment goes well, I might kick-it-up a notch and construct a larger more robust system and get some real fish in the mix and have myself a true aquaponics system.  This set-up should suffice as a good test model where I’ll learn a lot and will be good preparation for the the Piscopo Aquaponics System II.

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