Backyard Aquaponics

I’ve recently been fascinated by aquaponics systems and how they can be utilized for home gardening or large scale commercial applications.  Aquaponics is a beautiful example of how two different ecological systems (aquaculture and hydroponics), can combine forces and create an elegant arrangement that is pretty much self-sufficient.

This is my first rodeo with aquaponics so I decided not to include fish in my elementary design and see how things go for a while.  Basically I have an ebb and flow hydroponics system that continuously cycles water filled with plant nutrients.

If this little science experiment goes well, I might kick-it-up a notch and construct a larger more robust system and get some real fish in the mix and have myself a true aquaponics system.  This set-up should suffice as a good test model where I’ll learn a lot and will be good preparation for the the Piscopo Aquaponics System II.

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Dallas Piscopo

I'm the founder of Mantis Plant Protection, a certified Pest Control Adviser in California and Arizona, an organic gardener, and the creator of this site...if you haven't already figured that out since it does in fact bare my name.

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