Natural & Organic Pest Control Solutions 
for Organic Growers
Mantis Botanical Insecticide/Miticide EC

ORGANIC - OMRI Listed, for Organic Use.

FAST ACTING - Kills spider mites and soft bodied insects with a contact mode of action.

NON-TOXIC & SAFE TO USE - Eco-friendly and doesn't harm bees and other pollinators.

OPTIMIZED FORMULATION - Agriculture Grade concentrate that mixes well in water providing excellent coverage and plant safety, will not burn plants. 

LONG LASTING - One quart bottle of Mantis EC will make between 16 and 32 gallons of spray solution.

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Mantis Botanical Insecticide/Miticide RTU

Mantis INSECT-KILLER is formulated using Mantis EC Concentrate as the base active along with other organic, specialized inert ingredients providing superior efficacy, milky emulsification, and long lasting stability.

Natural botanical extracts penetrate the insect pest's body, disrupt respiration, break down cell membranes and stops damaging soft bodied insects and spider mites dead in their tracks keeping your plants clean and healthy. 

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Mantis Diatomaceous Earth


ORGANIC - OMRI Listed, for Organic Use

CLEAN & PURE - 100% freshwater source completely free of contaminating clays and organic debris.

WORKS BETTER - One of the most porous DE's in the market with incredible absorptive properties. 

SAFE - Contains undetectable levels of crystalline silica making it completely safe to use around humans and animals.

BRIGHT WHITE COLOR - Mantis DE is the cleanest, purest, and WHITEST diatomaceous earth in the market!

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About Mantis Plant Protection

I'm Dallas Piscopo and I started Mantis to provide, organic, natural, high-quality, agriculture grade, pest control products for professional cannabis, vegetable, and other specialty growers. 

I'm also a certified Pest Control Adviser in California, Arizona, and Mexico helping organic growers to keep their plants healthy and clean of insect pests and disease.
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